Denny Overhead Line Replacement, Beauly

Project: Beauly-Denny Overhead Line Replacement

Client: Scottish Hydro Electricity Transmission Ltd

Our Services:

  • CDM Coordinator
  • Safety Advisor

Contract Value: £700+ million

The works involve the construction of a new 400kV overhead transmission line which includes 600 towers ranging from 65m to 42m high through some of the most exposed terrain in the UK.  In addition to the construction of a new transmission line between Beauly and Wharry Burn, the project involves building substations at Beauly, Fasnakyle, Fort Augustus, Tummel Bridge, Braco and Denny. All the substations consist of a fenced area containing transformers, switch gear and overhead line towers. The existing line was also dismantled.

This includes removal of 132kV transmission lines in three sections of 6km around Beauly to replace them with the underground cables.

Between Boat of Garten and Cairnmore in the Cairngorm National Park, 53km of 132kV lines was also removed. Furthermore, 40km of 132kV overhead transmission line in the Cairngorm National Park will be replaced by 33kV overhead lines over wooden poles or underground cables.

Sections in Whitebridge and around Amulree totalling 10km will also be replaced with underground cables.